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major issues that were discovered and severity + possible solutions

Here are some issues we discovered during the test. Not all of them are mentioned, just the major ones (for the sererity ratings we used Jakob Nielsen’s serverity ratings for usability problems):

– Game does not restart properly after saving the high-score (severity: 5)

possible solution: some variables might not be reinitialized properly

– electro-track is to hard to play. Even for users with a common knowledge of music (serverity: 3)

possible solution: make an other song that is slower and easier to play

– Specialsound-button is a bit hard to reach (serverity: 2)

possible solution: rearrange buttons according to fitt’s Law

basic information about the users that have been tested

User 1:

age: 26

profession: computer scientist

gender: male

hobbies: computer, guitar, soccer


User 2:

age: 23

profession: gender studies

gender: female

hobbies: shopping, painting, meeting friends


testing of the application with the Think Aloud method

Today we are testing our application with the Think Aloud method. We prepared some tasks the user had to perform during the trials. The user also had to verbalize his thoughts while interacting with MoveTheBeat.

Here are the tasks/Questions the user had to fullfil:

Spiele das Spiel MoveTheBeat zwei mal. Wähle den Electro-track für das erste und den HipHop-track für das zweite Spiel. Mache jeweils am ende des Spiels ein Bild für den High-Score von dir. Versuche während des Versuchs zu beschreiben was du gerade tust und was du vorhast. Auch Probleme mit der Applikation können laut ausgesprochen werden. Erwarte nicht von uns dir dabei zu helfen. Es geht darum selbst heraus zu finden wie die Anwendung funktioniert.

Test setup:

Time – 15:00

Place – Alex‘ kitchen

recording technique – Iphone, paper and pencil, brain


Here are some pictures of our test setup:


Photo 30.01.13 14 14 44 Photo 30.01.13 14 14 52


Design Priciple

Based on the interviews we came up with just one simple design priciple:

 MoveTheBeat should be intuitive / easy to use and fun to play

As you can see in the main findings, they are either about the game itself ( finding 1 and 3) or about the user interface and the navigation (finding 2). It is clear that our focus should be here.

Design Modifications

Based on what we have learned from our interviews we will make some modifications on our application, respectively on our storyboard. As mentioned under „Interview Findings“ there will be an extra button with a special sound. The user can get some additional points when triggering this button. Since he will be pretty busy playing e.g. the bassdrum and the snare it will be difficult to trigger the special button… that’s the pro stuff ;). Another very useful idea was to replace the keyboard at the high-score page with a photo of the user. We will definitely do that. When we started to brainstorm about MoveTheBeat we thougth it would be great to play with the game with hands and feet. During the interview everbody told us that it would be way too hard to play more than two instruments with all the extremities. Thats why we decided that the user just plays the game with his hands.

Interview Findings

While interviewing person A, B and C we received a lot of positiv responses. Nevertheless, we got some great input to improve our application. The main findings were:

1. Adding a special button with a special sound to the game. The user do not have to trigger it in order to complete the game successfully but he can get additional points.


2. Instead of using a keyboard to type in the name at the higth-score page, the application could make a photo of the user.


3. All interviewed users stated that playing with hands and feet could be too hard in order to stay in time of the song.

… thanks again to the person A,B and C for giving us some great ideas!


There were some other ideas we considered as not useful or as not practicable since we have only limeted time for this project:


– the design could be more playful/colorful

– it would be nice to have more music-styles or even real songs

– gesture controlled actions during the game

– earning points for dance movements

Interviewed Users

We tried to find three people who we thougth would benifit from our application. An other selection criterion was that they had to be typical users of MoveTheBeat … young and dynamic 😉


Person A:

– 26 years old student

– part time DJ

– listens to music at home, in the club and with headphones when he is walking through the town

– owns a „xbox“ with kinect camera but barely plays it when he is alone, he likes to have company when playing computer games

– guitarplayer


Person B:

– 32 years old artist/painter

– listens to music at work / while painting and in the club

– likes to dance all nigth when going out

– has no game station at home but plays a lot of „Wii“ with a frind who owns one

– learned to play the piano as a child


Person C:

– 22 years old student

– plays drums and guitar in a hardcore band

– listens to music at home, in the club and with headphones when he is walking through the town

– stated that he love gaming no matter what

– owns „guitar hero“ for playstation and plays it a lot with frinds

Interview Questions

We went out and interviewed potential users to obtain feedback on our brainstormed project idea and storyboard. Here are the questions we asked during the interview.


– questions about the user –

How old are you and what do you do for living?

How often and on what situations do you listen to music?

Do you play interactive computer games (Wii, Xbox kinect, etc.)? What do you think about it?

Do you sing or play an instrument?


– specific questions about the application –

What do you generally think about the idea our application? Would you use it? Do you think it could be an eye-catcher at a fair?

As you saw in the Storyboard, you can choose between HipHop and Electro. What do you prefer?

Do you think you could handle the game? (If not, why?)

Do have any suggestions to make the GUI more user frindly?

Task Breakdown

Here is a short task breakdown for the next couple of weeks. Nontheless we work together and help each other where ever we can, therefore this task breakdown is to be considered as rough proposal.

Alexander Fuß

– project management

– blog

– creation and design

– music production and sampling

–  programming assistance

Moritz Lawitschka

– programming

– creation and design

Alexander Dolokov

– programming

– creation and design