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the second track for MoveTheBeat

description of the resulting changes to our prototype

As you may can guess… we fixed the problems we found in our heuristic evaluation. The first one was important but simple to implement. We just had to put the high score into the game.

For the second one we used the same „load function“ as in the other menues. If the user wants to make a photo he/she has to hold his/her hand over the button as it changes its color. After about 3 seconds a photo of the user will be made.

Even though we didn’t found a lot of problems, the ones we found were very important. It is always usefull to do a heuristic evaluation.


performance of the heuristic evaluation

The task was to test our first software prototype without users through heuristic evaluation. After jointly agreeing on a scenario and the tasks to test, each of us did the heuristic evaluation alone, without consulting the other team members! The scenario was simple: just go through the game twice and make notes after each pass.

After every groupmember did this, we sat around a table and had our findings aggregated.

Task Breakdown (user study)

Alexander Fuß

– questions

– blog

– design modification

– selection of interview persons

Moritz Lawitschka

– questions

– interview

– design modification

Alexander Dolokov

– questions

– interview protocol

– design modification