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User Profile

Do know Micha? No? … ok, let me tell you something about him.

Micha is a 23 year old student. Secretly he is a technology freak. Maybe thats why he always has the newest smart phone and goes to the IFA every year. When studying is not happen to be on his schedule he likes to spent time with his friends whether in a bar/club or just hanging out at home cooking together or playing some video games. Last year he made a backpacking trip to Australia. He also plays the bass in a funk band but with somewhat limited success. Maybe you already saw him in the subway? He is the guy who always wears headphones listening to his favorite music, which could be everything from electro to psychedelic rock. Micha is also easily enthused and quickly loses interest. I think thats the reason why he quit the dance lessens he took with his girlfrind a few weeks ago. But nevertheless you should meet him some day, you always can have good time with him.


Below is a list of requirements our game has to have to be awesome:


automatic gesture detection of one or more users

– easily understandable menu navigation

– menu navigation without keyboard or mouse

great Song with a simple structure to be feasible for the user

intuitive arrangement of the (sample-)icons around the user

– some kind of a beat detection to be able to allocate the points

point ranking

The Project

The project „MoveTheBeat“ is about playfully interacting with music. The user has to trigger different icons around him. Each icon stands for a sound in the song (e.g. Bassdrum, Snare, Bass, Melody, …). The HiHat of the song will be the central clock, it will therefore act as a reference for the user in order to trigger the icons as synchronized as possible with the beat. The more accurate he does that the more points he gets. If a second player joins the game they will act as a team, e.g. player one plays the Bassdrum and the Snare and player two plays the Bass and the Melody.

In the game „MoveTheBeat“ you’ll need a sense of tact, coordination and musical memory in order to break the highscore!!


Right after the lecture we met up in Alex‘ apartment to Brainstorm about the upcoming Project. In the beginning we were just fooling around with ideas. After a while somehow an idea developed which had the potential to talk about it more seriously. The following Mind-Map will help you to follow our thoughts:


After a long process of brainstorming and drinking coffee we all were very happy with the Idea of „MoveTheBeat“, which will be described later in this blog.

The Team

Our Team consists of Alexander Fuß, who is currently studying „Audiokomunication- and technology „, Alexander Dolokov and Moritz Lawitschka, who are both studying Informatics. The result is a well balanced team with a variety of different skills. We already did the assignment 02 together and harmonized well with each other, therefore we decided to do the project in this constellation.