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set of two project specific heuristics

We used Nielsen’s updated list of Ten Usability Heuristics as our basic set of heuristics.

• Visibility of system status

• Match between system and the real world

• User control and freedom

• Consistency and standards

• Error prevention

• Recognition rather than recall

• Flexibility and efficiency of use

• Aesthetic and minimalist design

• Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

• Help and documentation


In addition, after a long discussion, we found two more project specific heuristics.

The first one is

• accuracy

That is because in our application it is very important that the sound-sample comes directly with the triggering of the respective Icon/button, so that the user gets points and plays on the beat.

The second on is

• arrest attention

MoveTheBeat is made for public places. The user and his frinds should come closer when they see/hear it. When somebody plays the game other people should stop and be amazed.


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