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Summary of the observation and user feedback

We informed our users about the procedure and what we hope to learn from it. Both of them were suitable to our user profile so we could start right away. Unfortunately the output of this study was not as we expected it to be. But still, here are the results of of the paper prototype study:

One positiv aspect of this study was that both users knew what to do rigth away. We did not had to explain a lot. That is why we concluded that, generally, the interface design is intuitive enough that a regular person is able to navigate through the application.

Another thought we had while watching the users going through our paper prototype was that the application is not made for people with any handycap. But since our user profile does not cover this, we did not worry about it too much.

Both users had the same idea as the people from the user study before: Instead of using a keyboard to type in the name at the high-score page, the application could make a photo of the user… we will definitely do that now!

Furthermore one user noted that the size of the icons in the game is too small. We try to change that in the next paper prototype as well.

We must point out that the both users felt a bit awkward while using this paper prototype. But in the end we did get some information out of it.

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