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Paper Prototype + Photos

Before we were getting started, we had to think about the realization of the paper prototype. We decided to make very simple sketches of the elements of our application since we only want so simulate the interaction sequenze of the user tasks. Therefore we used textmarker and white paper to produce them. As „poster wall“ we used an wall in our appartment and placed the paper elements with sticky tape. In addition we played the electro Track we use in the actual application to make the paper prototype more realistic.

Photo 22.01.13 12 23 58

1. Opening Szene

Photo 22.01.13 12 33 20

2. Choose your style

Photo 22.01.13 12 40 24

3. The Game

Photo 22.01.13 12 48 17

4. High-Score

As you may recognized the paper prototype is referring to the first version of our storyboard. This experiment will hopefully contribute to the next version.

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