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Interview Findings

While interviewing person A, B and C we received a lot of positiv responses. Nevertheless, we got some great input to improve our application. The main findings were:

1. Adding a special button with a special sound to the game. The user do not have to trigger it in order to complete the game successfully but he can get additional points.


2. Instead of using a keyboard to type in the name at the higth-score page, the application could make a photo of the user.


3. All interviewed users stated that playing with hands and feet could be too hard in order to stay in time of the song.

… thanks again to the person A,B and C for giving us some great ideas!


There were some other ideas we considered as not useful or as not practicable since we have only limeted time for this project:


– the design could be more playful/colorful

– it would be nice to have more music-styles or even real songs

– gesture controlled actions during the game

– earning points for dance movements

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