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Design Modifications

Based on what we have learned from our interviews we will make some modifications on our application, respectively on our storyboard. As mentioned under „Interview Findings“ there will be an extra button with a special sound. The user can get some additional points when triggering this button. Since he will be pretty busy playing e.g. the bassdrum and the snare it will be difficult to trigger the special button… that’s the pro stuff ;). Another very useful idea was to replace the keyboard at the high-score page with a photo of the user. We will definitely do that. When we started to brainstorm about MoveTheBeat we thougth it would be great to play with the game with hands and feet. During the interview everbody told us that it would be way too hard to play more than two instruments with all the extremities. Thats why we decided that the user just plays the game with his hands.

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