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Do know Micha? No? … ok, let me tell you something about him.

Micha is a 23 year old student. Secretly he is a technology freak. Maybe thats why he always has the newest smart phone and goes to the IFA every year. When studying is not happen to be on his schedule he likes to spent time with his friends whether in a bar/club or just hanging out at home cooking together or playing some video games. Last year he made a backpacking trip to Australia. He also plays the bass in a funk band but with somewhat limited success. Maybe you already saw him in the subway? He is the guy who always wears headphones listening to his favorite music, which could be everything from electro to psychedelic rock. Micha is also easily enthused and quickly loses interest. I think thats the reason why he quit the dance lessens he took with his girlfrind a few weeks ago. But nevertheless you should meet him some day, you always can have good time with him.

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